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Rotterdam Bulk Terminal is equiped with 2 gantry cranes. The liftcapacity of the cranes is 16 mtons. With a total span of 160 m. the cranes can be used for board-board handling upto Panamax vessels as wel as terminal discharge. Depending on the type of product and the way of handling (board-board or terminal discharge), the average production per crane per hour amounts to 350-500 mtons.
In addtion to the gantry-cranes, Rotterdam Bulk Terminal has access to a fleet of floating grab cranes for board-board handling.

Conveyor-belt system:
A fixed 1500 m. conveyor-belt system is part of Rotterdam Bulk Terminal infrastrucure to feed the 6 steel silo's as well as the shed. Delivery of products from these storage accommodations runs through the same belt-system to the loading jetty (portnumber 602) at the southside of the terminal. The barge/coaster loader at the jetty has a capacity of ca. 500 mtons/hour. The draught at the jetty is 6,00 m.

For various bulkhandling at the terminal and inside the holds of vessels, Rotterdam Bulk Terminal operates a fleet a front- and shrankloaders.


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