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In 1999 Rotterdam Bulk Terminal was founded by Hes Beheer (50%) and Maja Stevedores (50%). Rotterdam Bulk Terminal was established to take over the former EBS terminal at the Vulcaanhaven in Vlaardingen. The Vulcaanhaven Terminal built in 1900, once belonged to a German Steelindustry and was sold lateron to Frans Swarttouw, the predecessor of EBS.

Vulcaanhaven voor 1940

In the previous century till the eighties the Vulcaanhaven terminal played a key role in the handling of coal, steelscrap and other bulk commodities. Towards the turn of te century environmental legislation forced parties tot abandon steelscrap and fueled EBS' decision to leave the Vulcaanhaven Terminal in 1999.

Today Rotterdam Bulk Terminal is the second largest terminal operator in the Port of Rotterdam for dry minerals.

Vulcaanhaven voor 1940

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